15 Awesome Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas You Must Have (Recommended)

Retro bathroom floor tile patt

There are various designs that you can apply in the construction of bathrooms in your home. There is a classic design, contemporary, modern, minimalist and various other types of designs. All these designs have their own characteristics, then what kind of bathroom design do you want? As a homeowner, you […]

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15 Incredible Wood Lamp Design Ideas For the Beauty of Every Corner of Your Home

Uniquely wood lamps design ideas

Lights since ancient times have greatly helped human needs at night. The more advanced human civilization, the role of lights is not only as lighting but as decorative lights as a decoration and sweetener of a very elegant and luxurious room. Decorative lighting (usually as the main lamp of the […]

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10 Wonderful Studio Apartment Decoration Ideas for Your Inspiration

Take care of the work area

The most favorite residential apartments in Europe are real examples that you can try creating in your own small apartment. The reason is simple, comfortable, safe, and located in a strategic location. No wonder the property business, especially apartments, is very wide and growing in big cities. It’s just that, […]

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