12 Beautiful Mediterranean Style Ideas You Have Must See

Mediterranean Living Room Furniture Decor

This style comes from northern countries of the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Greece, and Italy, and is often referred to as the modern Spanish style. Mediterranean-style furniture ranges from just functional to very formal. Short pieces, with rotating foot decorations, heavy hardware and often burning. The walls are mostly textured. […]

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20 Fabulous Monochrome Home Decor Ideas For Your Comfortable

Monochrome Decoration

Monochrome-themed interiors have never been timeless and are suitable for use in any residential style. However, this monochrome theme is more often found in small, minimalist homes. Monochrome themes are dominated by black, white and gray that are applied to the walls, floors, and furniture. While the color for decoration […]

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10 Interesting Ideas For Designing a Comfortable and Beautiful Minimalist Laundry Room

02 Cabinets can be used as a laundry room

Laundry rooms are now commonly made in homes. Its existence is quite important to maintain the neatness and appearance of the house. Not only that, the owner can be freer to wash and dry and focus on putting all the washing needs in it. However, with the area of the […]

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10 Wall Decor Ideas To Make Them Look Unique and Artistic

01 Wall decoration from the clipboard

There are many ways you can do to decorate your house to make it look more beautiful. Starting from buying beautiful accessories for you to display at homes such as jars, paintings, or other beautiful objects. One of the most widely used ways to decorate a house is to use […]

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